Could you shave 4, 5, 6 maybe even 10 or more strokes off your golf game?
Aside from making range and practice green time a part-time job, there’s no way you could improve like that, right?.... Not So Fast
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Why Do You Need Tour Precision? 
Golf is hard. Really hard. In fact, it’s hard to imagine another pastime in which you play poorly for 2 hours, have an amazing shot, chip or putt, or maybe even a good hole and kid yourself into thinking you actually had fun. And then want to do it again! Well, at least it was nice outside. At least I didn’t lose any balls today. At least I won a few holes. But that’s how golf is; one shot can change it all. Now, what if that one shot became a little more common?

Could you shave 4, 5, 6 maybe even 10 or more strokes off your golf game?

I know a lot of people would say no, and if I promised you I could help you do just that, you’d be pretty skeptical. After all, you’ve probably been playing the game long enough to know how tough that might be. In fact, aside from making range and practice green time a part-time job, there’s no way you could improve like that, right?

Not so fast. The reason your scorecard continues to suffer may not even be your fault in the first place.  You've been given the wrong information for years! How about an example.

Maybe you have a lot of fear hitting out of greenside bunkers, a shot you never practice before a round. After all, who has time to practice a shot they’re no good at hitting? So you do what most amateur golfers do, and you try to pick that ball clean out of the sand. 9 times out of 10, how did that work out for you? I can imagine that ball is likely still in the bunker with you, or clear on the other side of the green. At least you won’t have to go to your bag and change clubs.
So How Does Tour Precision Help?
Tour Precision was devised using ground-breaking information from state-of-the-art systems such as Flightscope, Swing Catalyst, and Quintic Putting Systems; technology that just isn’t available to the average golfer. Using this exclusive information, we pieced together a program that allows you to FINALLY understand why and where you continue to struggle to save strokes. This is also the SAME EXACT information and technology I use at my own teaching academy. And since this system has been so SUCCESSFUL, I’ve decided to share it with YOU!

And the best part: you learn the program with your CURRENT GOLF SWING!

Now it’s time for the skeptics to come out. So, why are we doing this? After all, we could just keep this information to ourselves and continue to just see the success in our own academy.

My name is Todd Kolb, and I am a PGA Certified golf instructor. My true passion has been to teach the game of golf, and after seeing the success we are attaining with all our students at our own academy, I want to share it with everyone.
What You Will Uncover in Tour Precision
  • How the club face and club path REALLY affect your ball flight
  •  What we have uncovered over the last 24 months with advancements in technology
  •  Why bumping your hips can increase Angle of Attack
  •  The SECRET MOVE that will have you rethinking everything you thought you knew about golf
  •  How 4 simple setup changes literally change the flight of the ball
  •  How one simple movement with the handle can make the ball DRAW on command
  •  How effective loft and effective bounce are EVERYTHING in chipping
  •  Did you know that there is a difference between pressure on the feet and weight?
  •  Why having the putter in the palms creates a smoother putting motion
  •  The easiest way to master Greenside Bunkers, once and for all
  •  Plus so much more!
Does It work?

David, 49 – avid golfer, plays once a week

“My iron play has been revolutionized, I’ve been working on your short game chipping style and that’s really going well too. My average score from the White Tees was 88. Today I played a 6300-yard track from the Back Tees and shot an 81. When I got done I knew I had to say THANK YOU! I could have never made all these changes without the setup you supplied, the swing drill and the all-around education you’ve given me.”

Nicholas, 27 – avid golfer, plays twice a week

“I can’t believe how quickly these concepts worked for me. I shaved 13 strokes off my score the first time I tried it!”

Ryan, 35 – three kids, plays once a month

“I’ve taken away the right slice, I’m more consistent and straight; a night and day difference. My 6-iron I gained 23 yards, and that was about 15 minutes of work. The biggest thing is the setup; adjusting my hips, weight, and that’s about it. I already have a handful of people in my head that I’m thinking should have come along today!”
What You Will Get In Tour Precision
  •  A revolutionary online training program, devised over decades of instruction, using information from some of the best technology in the golf game today
  •  The Science and Technology behind the golf data that FINALLY explains why golfers continue to fight a slice (and how to finally fix it!)
  •  Introduction to concepts and knowledge behind the golf swing that is only available with high-end radar and putting systems to top tier golf instructors and players
  •  The Chipping Series, which shows how the average golfer mishandles these finesse shots and why you might be chunking shots or skidding them across the green (remember the phrase effective loft and effective bounce!)
  •  All of this, plus more, while using your current golf swing!
  •  A detailed explanation of each section, why it matters and why you continue to fall short of your Tour Precision scores and potential
  •  The Irons Series, explaining concepts such as angle of attack and controlling low point, as well as drills to help you gain consistent striking ability
  •  The Wedge Series, clarifying the importance of Precision control and how you can start to really dial in those Precisions
  •  The Greenside Bunker Series, which aims to take the fear and anxiety out of this dreaded shot with one simple concept (hint: it’s not about hitting the ball!)
  •  The Putting Series, perhaps the most important—and most mismanaged—part of the average golfer’s game, and how to finally cure those yips once and for all!
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